First Whole30

I have read about Whole30, contemplated it and even started it (with much too little preparation). I was more into the hype of doing it (I’m very determined!). After a few months of doing more on-and-off research of reading blogs, watching videos and seminars, D and I have decided we are going to start our first Whole30 on October 19, 2015.

I am posting about this for a few reasons….

  1. Hold us accountable! We will need it. The temptations are out there but we know we want the best for our bodies. Our stomachs/brains just don’t always agree with that.
  2. Advice! We want to hear from you! What is your favorite Whole30 compliant meal? What are some tips and tricks you have learned and love (or hate)?
  3. Coffee. This gets its own number. I love coffee. I currently drink it with unsweetened soy milk and a dash of maple syrup. How do I make GOOD Whole30 compliant coffee? I can drink it black but I like to take the edge off.
  4. Please tell me why you love Whole30. What did it do for you? Are you continuing or was once enough?

Please leave your feedback! I would love to hear your thoughts. I am all ears. I am taking this next week to prepare for the journey.

With Love,