December 16, 2014

Jacquelyn Brianne Baker,

I am engaging you, as Emily would say. I was wondering if you would continue to be my best friend, be my wife and spend the rest of your life with me.

Will you marry me?

These are the words Dillon spoke to me a year ago today. And wait for it….. I said yes! (and to think he says he was nervous)


One year ago today Dillon asked me to become his wife. I remember waking up that morning and telling my sister, “Today would be a great day for Dillon to propose!” Oh how I had no idea he had planned to take me to the beach at sunset and had my family and friends there to meet us for dinner. From God’s beautiful painting in the sky to the random guy on the beach cheering for us, it was all perfect.
God has the ultimate plans and I am so thankful. As I grow older I am able to look back more and more and agree in gratefulness that God’s plans prevailed over mine. Its funny how controlling I want to be when there is one in control who knows the story, who wrote the story. I am thankful for the story He has written for me. I love my dashing prince charming with his strong work ethic, his integrity and compassion. I am excited that God has given us each other to praise Him together.
The Mrs.

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