Hey, Whole30

With the New Year around the corner most of us have change on our mind. We all want the best — to choose well, do well, think well and live well. Its hard. Plain old hard sometimes but discipline has its rewards right? Not always immediate but long term fulfillment is sweet.

Dillon and I have had digestive issues, sluggishness from processed food and other issues from a few too many poor food choices. I know for the majority we eat well but when we tend to treat ourselves (mostly chocolate chip cookies) we have ALOT of chocolate chip cookies… ending in regret and us saying “yeah let’s not do that again”. And we just do it again.

We’ve decided to find some of the problems through Whole30 and slowly reintroducing foods to learn what we need to eliminate. (Yes, I fully understand our self-discipline is one of the problems.)

We are starting Whole30 January 2nd. It will be our second Whole30 — a quick google search will give you all the details.

We would love for you to join us if its something you’ve been wanting to do or think it might help you! Accountability is a miracle worker. God gave us each other for a beautiful reason. We’ve done this before and it is a bit of an adjustment at first. I’ve added a picture of a typical meal: Tuna lettuce wraps and fruit.


Basically any fruits, veggies and meats — and yes, you can still have coffee. I will be enjoying a cup of black coffee daily.. morningly.

Here’s to the New Year, not a resolution but a decision to try and live with a touch of more discipline and in turn getting to do the things we want, living the abundant life, enjoying each moment. Choosing well, doing well, thinking well and ultimately living well. Know whatever you choose, on any scale, we’re cheering you on and we’d love to enjoy the journey with you. What are your thoughts and plans for the New Year? Talk to you soon.


Hey, I’m Back

I know.. I know. I’m inconsistent, lacking content and presence but I’ve decided to really try this again. A weekly post. That is my goal. Lofty I’m sure but I know that having my online journey of life will be rewarding. Especially to look back and laugh at my perspective, see my growth and enjoy living the journey. So here it is..

Tonight D and I sit on our couch listening to Christmas music, relaxing.. Our day of rest. Of course D doesn’t know much of rest. He has been working 6-7 days a week since he and I decided it would be best if I didn’t work and just focus on school and tutor on the side. He’s amazing. His love is bold, selfless, unconditional and comfortable.

We still live in Jacksonville, in our tiny rented MIL suite. I love it. I love how old it is, the wood floors, the windows on every exterior wall. The door handles, antique, perfect. The two car garage turned laundry room and workshop — place of creativity and birthplace of most of our furniture — D is so handy, great with woodworking and carpentry.

Today was in the 80s with a 5 minute Florida rain shower. It’s also December 18th. Yes, there is something wrong with this picture. Sun dress kind of day.

Given-ness is something I worked on today. No mighty task or something to be praised but I have the chronic disease of selfishness so I am trying to be more intentional on giving — giving love, joy, a smile — and today that was in the form of mason jars of white chocolate covered pretzels to our church family. Its small but I know I need to start somewhere, paying for the person in front of me at the grocery store, offering to take a picture for the couple struggling with a selfie both opportunities I missed. Yes, I missed. But I pray the Holy Spirit keeps prodding my heart. Keeps showing me where I can give love and that with each day I actually do give it. After all that’s my purpose right? To be the light of Jesus. To be love. With each gift small or large I hope to chip away at my grave disease of selfishness, of pride.

That I was a bit deeper than I planned to go but hey there aren’t any rules on that here. Have the most blessed Sunday.¬†Know you are loved. We’re off to see the neighbourhood luminary. See you soon.