Much Needed Weekend

Recently Dillon and I packed up to head to our home town for my baby sister’s baptism. When I get ready to leave the house I make sure everything is turned off, unplugged, no food left in the fridge, faucets tightened routine. Even when its only a one night trip I feel like I have to prep the house.


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I picked Dillon up from work and we were on our way. He suffered through two hours of my professor as I listened to lectures in the car. One my favorite things about car trips is that Dillon drives. He always does and it makes me feel safe and care free.

We got to his parent’s house after a few hours and I had made a crock pot of chili (Whole30 approved!) for us to enjoy. It was so nice to catch up and enjoy time with his mom and step-dad. Usually there is work, traveling and busyness that keeps things short but this night was filled with relaxing and catching up. A much needed evening.

After we left we went by a friends house to say hi as we had been gone for some time. Again, it was wonderful. Time of catching up, seeing how kids had grown and how life carried on when we left. I am thankful for friendships and this very night reminded me of that. The kids I used to spend so much time with were full of giggles and snuggles. Something I have greatly missed at my new job with all adults. (My new job I am too grateful for!)

In these friendships you learn from each other and share. Friends that offer a listening ear and genuinely ask questions are hard to come by and I am thankful God has given Dillon and I that in our lives.

Sunday, we spent the morning with my family in my parent’s inviting home. My mom has worked so hard to prepare it to fit all of her children and new additions as the family grows. I was able to sit down and enjoy breakfast at the table and I just watched as my family filled the kitchen, laughing and sharing life. My family, almost all of us together under one roof.

Together we left for church and to prepare as Emily was to be baptized. It was beautiful. Emily invited Tori and I up to the baptistery to help her through the service. I learned something new that day. Emily had received Christ after one of our dad’s sermons in Georgia. How neat that our dad was able to lead her to Christ.

This weekend reminded me and taught me of so much. It was the perfect retreat and getaway I needed in the midst of life’s struggles and busyness. I often get carried away by the never ending list of life when the real importance doesn’t always make my list.

Family. Loved ones. God has blessed Dillon and I will numerous blessings of support and love. God is so evident through my family and friends and I am forever grateful. This has been a great reminder for me and I hope you take time too. Enjoy the company of loved ones, and reach out to those God has placed in your life. This has been my reminder that I can be a blessing to those around me. This very sweet time of Holidays is approaching and I need to remember I can be a blessing to others.